USAR Training @ Fire Training: E6 E1 E7 E10 R10 R11 OOS

March 6, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Captain Dave Rosa Training Center
2249 Argonne Ave
Long Beach, CA 90815

Added on 12/22/20 at 12:50 p.m. by Tarsha Moses (8-3351). Contact BC Anderson (8-3352) for questions.

E1 R1 USAR Training. Approved by BC Fackiner 2-16-21

USAR Training. Appoved by BC Farley 2-23-21

USAR Training R12 OOS. Approved by BC Farley 2-23-21

MONTHLY USAR TRAINING R11 E7  OOS. Approved by BC Farley 2-25-21

USAR Training E11 OOS. Approved by BC DaSilva 2-26-21

Added E-10 to training per NEAR #13643, emailed on 2/26/2021 and approved by BC Fackiner.  Olson

Removed R12 from NEAR and Added R11 Per BC Farley 2-27-21

USAR Training E3 OOS. Approved by BC Fackiner 3-1-21

CX’D E3 03/11 per email request by BC DaSilva.  ~ Tiffany

CX’D E11 03/11 per email request by BC DaSilva.  ~ Tiffany  (time frame also incorrect)

Location changed from Fire Station 6 to Fire Training by Captain Kopfstein via 9400. – Badajos 03/13

Add R10 and removed R1 from training per Capt Smith and OK’d per BC2, R1 personnel are not USAR qualified.  3/25- Brian