FS16 [AOS] GoTeam Therapy Criss & Airport Dogs station visit

October 2, 2021 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
FS 16 - 2890 E. Wardlow Rd., 90807

Approved by captain Valdes. Station visit by:

Go Team Therapy Crisis & Airport Dogs organization has reached out, requesting to have the fire apparatus (at your station) participate in a training with their dogs, where the crew pulls out the apparatus, turns on the siren, honks the horn, etc. and lets the dogs sniff around for a bit. The requestee mentioned that they do these trainings once/twice a year – where they’ve also had the engine get called out for a call and they’ve patiently waited for their return. They’ve also encouraged your family and friends to come see the training as it’s quite an experience and neat to watch. Contact: Nancy Trepagnier, 719.231.7219.

(Submitted by Carina Ochoa 10/01/21@1505hrs from 8-2516)